Sirui W-1004 Tripod + Ball Head G-20KX Review

During the last two Workshops that I held between the month of September and the month of October I had the chance to use, thanks to Ramaidea (Specialist Dealer) and Toscana Foto Service (Italian Distributor) the tripod Sirui W-1004 + the ball head G-20KX.
As soon as it was delivered to me I immediately noticed the excellent quality of the product and day after day, studying it and using it, I got to understand what are the points in favor and disfavour.
In fact, like all the products that are supplied to me only with actual use, you can understand if a product is valid at a professional level or not.
In this case I can absolutely express a favorable opinion on the Sirui W-1004 and the Sirui G-20KX ball head.

The tripod is made of waterproof aluminum alloy, therefore equipped with a waterproof sealing system that prevents the ingress of water, dust or other particles into the leg tubes.
Precisely this system is the first point in favor of Sirui.
How many times are we forced to disassemble and reassemble a tripod perhaps after a shooting session in the sand or after a rain?
Personally, I have often happened that every time I go to some seaside location, when I come back I have to disassemble the tripod to clean it from salt or sand. But despite the cleanliness, it remains that grain of sand that tends to ruin the legs over time.
Or worse still remains of the saltiness inside the legs, or tips, which tends to deteriorate the entire tripod.
I threw at least a couple of them for this problem.
The Sirui W-1004 instead with the WPS system (Waterproof Sistem) avoids any unpleasant inconvenience.

The maximum height of the tripod is 165cm and has a load capacity of 15kg.
Its strength, however, does not affect the lightness in fact “weighs” only 1.7kg, moreover the legs folded backwards transform it into the classic tripod “trip” reaching a size of 49cm, then easily transportable in the provided storage bag.

Like most professional tripods, it is specifically professional because we have a very professional product in front of it, the legs are 4 sections and have a rotating lock.
In addition, the tripod can also become monopods. In fact one of the legs is removable and becomes a 162cm monopod.

The rubber feet are removable and can be replaced with stainless steel tips, also supplied. In this way we have the possibility to have the tripod always stable even on the most inaccessible surfaces.

Under the central column there is a convenient hook for attaching filters or rucksacks.

Product details:
– Loading capacity: 15 kg
– Maximum height: 165 cm
– Minimum height: 14.5 cm
– Folded length: 49 cm
– Leg sections: 4
– Weight: 1.7 kg
– Legs that can be folded backwards
– A leg that can be converted into a 162 cm monopod
– Split central column
– Stainless steel tips and rubber feet

– Lightness
– Robust
– Stability
– Load capacity
– Assembly of steel tips
– WPS System (Waterproof System)
– Height
– Legs with ergonomic handle

The only downside is that for a tripod of this caliber it would be convenient to have a specific head, perhaps also resistant to water and dust.

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Sirui G-20KX
Together with the Siuri tripod, the Sirui G-20KX ball head was sent to me, also with the collaboration  Ramaidea and Toscana Foto Service , and I was able to work in absolute tranquility without the risk of unpleasant camera movements.
It is a very robust head with 3 knobs (panoramic, inclination and tension) separated for the control of the whole structure.
Once the camera is hooked, we immediately understand that the double-angle locking system ensures a steady position of the camera and also of the cameras (holds up to 20kg), and it is also possible to tilt it by 90 °.

The precision is really millimetric, you do not risk in any case to have to reposition the camera or rather the risk that when you tilt the head, move with the whole camera. The locking system is so strong and durable that you can mount a Canon 5D mIV with a telephoto lens even in a vertical position.
There are also two bubbles for leveling (horizontal and vertical)

Technical details:
– Head type: Ball head
– Base attack: 3/8 “-16 thread
– Camera mounting screw: 1/4 “-20 Male
– Quick release plate type: Arca type
– Loading capacity: 20 kg
– Number of leveling bubbles: 2
– Friction control: yes
– Independent Pan Lock: yes
– Panoramic range: 360 °
– Sphere diameter: 36 mm
– Dimensions: H: 9.8cm
– Weight: 0.32 kg

– Robusta
– Stable
– 3 control knobs
– Load capacity
– Lightness
– Dimensions

Cons: no negative note.

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