Hello guys,
Today I want to illustrate you in an accurate and precise way, and teach you to use, a professional and truly precise tool such as the X-Rite ColorCheker Passport 2

Let’s start from the fact that it is a very small, light, and above all comfortable tool, which can be inserted without any problem into our backpack without affecting the weight of the equipment.

Why is it important to use it?
Simply because it often happens to anyone that in the scenes in which we find ourselves we never manage to obtain a correct white balance in a personalized way or using the preset settings of our camera.
In fact, I challenge anyone to say that at the first shot he manages to make a photograph with the correct white balance.
It almost always happens that a photograph is too cold or too hot compared to what we have before our eyes.

Thanks to the ColorChecker Passport 2, however, we can perfectly measure the white present on this instrument, insert it in the memorization of the camera’s personalization of the white and then take the photographs with a white balance appropriate to our scene.
I therefore specify that a “Personal” white balance must be used for each variation of light and temperature.

Perhaps it can be difficult, tedious, to always recalculate the white balance from the camera, but this can save us a lot of time when developing the file.
Above all in the long run, it will become an almost automatic action to be taken every time we want to start photographing

So is that just for that?
Absolutely not, it is not only used to balance white when shooting (therefore directly on the field).
In fact, it often happens that we do not have the material time to record the white measurement directly from the camera.
So, do the whole process of entering the camera menus, measure white, save it, store it and then photograph, if we don’t have the time to do it it becomes almost impossible to have a perfect white balance.

What is the solution?
The solution is much simpler than it may seem!
Just take a photograph, in Raw format, of our ColorChecker Passport 2 before starting and you’re done.
That’s all? More or less…!
In fact, the work does not end in the shooting phase, but rather, we must think and that photograph will be our lifeline when we go to develop all our files (subsequent to the first photograph where the ColorChecker Passport 2 is present).

So what is the procedure?
Easy to do more than say, in this case.
In fact, through our file development software, just select our photograph (like the one above) where the ColorChecker Passport 2 is present, measure the white using the temperature dropper tool and synchronize all subsequent photographs.
What will happen?
It will happen that the white balance measurement will be perfect and precise and we will not have to spend a lot of time in choosing the correct white measurement in each photo.

Simple !

To purchase it, remember that you can do it directly on the X-Rite website: