Small and compact but robust and solid!

These are the first characteristics that come to mind when you have the Sirui 3T – 15K with the B 00K head in your hands.
Made of aluminum, the tripod is immediately comfortable to use and suitable for every travel bag when you do not need to bring a larger tripod with you.
In fact, it easily enters bags of all sizes and once closed it becomes very compact and practical (height 15.4cm).
Its compactness, however, must not deceive, in fact, it holds up to a maximum of 5Kg, so it is great for cameras and camcorders and action cams.

How does it behave in the field?
Well I must say that behaves in a truly optimal, in fact, manages to bear the weight of a Canon 5D MarkIV with Canon EF 24-70 f / 2.8 II (so we do not talk about equipment so light).
Once the camera is positioned and mounted on the Sirui B00K Ball Head, it does not move a millimeter.

When can it be used? Always ! When traveling, when you do not need to bring a bigger tripod with you and you want to stay light; during an excursion or in the mountains, if you do not want to have much clutter. Just insert it into a bag or a backpack and it seems almost non-existent.

The Sirui 3T-15K Tripod is sold together with the B00K ball head, which is also incredibly solid. In fact, often the other ball heads when positioning the camera vertically suffer a slight loss of stability causing the inclination of the whole camera.
This head instead remains stable without changing the axis in which we place it.

– Aluminum of excellent quality
– Feet that can be folded up or down 180 °, with rubber tips
– Wide legs offer excellent stability
– The legs have two pre-set angles for lower or higher shooting heights
– The 1/4 inch thread on the tripod allows you to tightly screw the ball head with the use of a thickness.

Tripod specifications:
– Height: 11.5 cm
– Measure when closed: 15.4 cm
– Weight: 0.179 kg
– Max. Load: 5 kg
– Black colour

Specifications of the ball head:
– Weight: 0.205kg
– Max. Load: 5 kg
– Height: 70mm
– Ball diameter: 29mm
– Black colour

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