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On the left Sirui W-1204 / on the right Sirui T-025K

In the work of landscape photographer you often have the opportunity to understand what features individual photo tools must have in order to have excellent quality and have no problems. In fact, every professional, based on his own needs, always manages to understand the pros and cons of each instrument and develops in his mind what could be “perfection”.

In my work I have been able to use many tripods, of various brands and various models. But each time there was a positive and a negative characteristic, such as lightness but at the expense of resistance, or compactness but which sacrificed height and so on.

But the most important thing I’ve always wanted in a tripod, I always thought that, if one day a similar model came out then it would become my traveling companion, it was always the possibility of being able to use it in all weather and terrain conditions; without having the thought that it could be ruined and having to disassemble it to clean it once back home.

And that’s how I discovered Sirui’s W series. In fact, Sirui has realized the dream of many photographers. In other words, create a series of professional tripods resistant to all weather conditions thanks to the internal gaskets of each leg.

The W (waterproof) series gives the possibility of using a tripod both on the sand, on the snow, in the water without any problem.

How many times have you been forced to disassemble a tripod, be careful to watch some videos on YouTube carefully to avoid breaking any internal pieces to dismantle everything and wash it, grease it and reassemble it? I think so many times, as it happened to me in the past too.

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Photo Workshop Backstage – Norway- Sirui Tripod

I recently had the pleasure of using the Sirui W-1204 + K30X head. I can finally say that I have found what I believe is perfection. Let’s start by analyzing the Sirui W-1204. The acronym reminds us that we are talking about a W series tripod, therefore waterproof, which also prevents the entry of dust and sand, but especially carbon (2)

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Sirui W-1204 + Head T K30X

With the Sirui W-1204 tripod I solved all my problems due both to the height, to the resistance, but above all to the handling. Indeed in terms of weight, it weighs only 1.4kg and when closed it becomes a great tripod for travel.
I can carry it in my suitcase, without affecting the total load, or for a long time attached to the backpack. It consists of 4 sections, all with internal gaskets and above all with the possibility of changing the end feet and choosing whether to mount the normal support bases or to mount the ice crampons.

Therefore really suitable for any environment and terrain, fantastic. But together with the T-K30X head it really reaches perfection. The head is one of the most solid and easy to use, it does not have many knobs for managing the position and the clutch.

It has only 2, a large one, which allows you to manage the position of our camera through the ball head and the clutch, and a smaller one that allows you to rotate the head 360 °.

Once closed, although a Canon Eos 5DMIV + Canon EF 70-200 F / 2.8 + Filter Kit is mounted, it does not move one millimeter. It is incredibly solid, I tried to move it also by force but nothing, it remains blocked.

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Head T K30X

If I were to recommend a perfect combination for landscape photography, I would certainly recommend the one I created with Sirui products.

So: Sirui W-1204 + Head T K30X

The products can be purchased directly from the website: